Sunday, May 12, 2013


Norwegian Buhund Skip

Norwegian Buhund Skip is a cheerful boy. He does the trick(s). He's gentle, peppy, smart, nosy, adorable, playful, smart, handsome, and an adventurous dog with an independent nature who loves hugs.

Skip is a very famous dog in the Netherlands. He appears monthly in the most popular Dutch dog magazine Hondenmanieren (dog manners) where he shows his tricks.

Favorite games: do tricks, excavate, chasing rabbits and mice, running around in the woods, playing with his owner.

Favorite food: everything except alcohol.

Favorite songs: Skippy the Bushkangaroo & Skippedidoeda Skippedidee my oh my what a wonderful day.

Norwegian Buhund Skip in the city

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his own daily chronicle on
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