Saturday, July 27, 2013


To fetch and retrieve a branch or bal out of the water. Almost every dog automatically returns it each time it’s thrown. But can you also lead your dog towards an object? Throw a branch, stick or bal not straight ahead but more to the left or right. Guide your dog ‘turn right’ and ‘turn left’ by naming the direction. Does the dog turn the right way, he deserves a compliment or thunderous applause. When he fetches the object, say 'catch’ and ‘good dog’.

Elke waterrat zal op de automatische piloot een weggegooide stok of bal uit het water halen. Door het object in plaats van recht naar voren, naar links of rechts te gooien, kun je de hond ‘links’  en ‘rechts’ aanleren. Gids de hond naar de stok of bal door de gevraagde richting te benoemen. Slaat de hond af, complimenteer hem dan. Op het moment dat de hond de stok of bal wil pakken, roep je ‘vast’ en ‘goed zo’ (of applaudisseer enthousiast).

on your right, Skip.


almost there.

Good boy!

Make it more difficult by throwing several balls at the same time.

Will he return them one by one?

use different objects. 

Skip found a buoy and brought it.

 I you have remarks on the English translations, please contact me. SPEELS hondenspelletjes, (playful) 1001 original dog tricks - chronicle about Skip the famous Norwegian Buhund

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